Following their Vastu Dream

Yasmin and Cheryl had a clear vision of the Vastu home they wanted. It would be in a relaxed coastal semi rural area with space to enjoy nature. The 4014m² lot they purchased in Torquay, close to where Yasmin grew up, has a good number of gum trees left on the land and the elevated position has a view to the ocean 3 kms to the east.

Summer Sunrise

The house was positioned on the land to make full use of the large block and the Vastu which is around 40 metres square enables a Brahmasthan for the Vastu to be established. The upper level provides panoramic views both from the decks and from inside the home.

East Deck and View

Yasmin and Cheryl explain“We live in a low density area of Torquay, Southwest of Melbourne. All the homes in this area are on a minimum acre block. The guidelines require a “coastal rural” look and feel; native plants and trees replace manicured lawns. Being just 3k (as the raven flies) from the ocean, we built a two story house. There are decks on the East and North of the house. We have views of the Bellarine peninsular, Point Nepean, and Mount Martha, from the first floor living area and decks. The kookaburras sing us to sleep at night, and wake us early in the morning. Red rumped parrots graze contentedly within the Vastu fence, and rabbits surprise us at dusk and dawn.”

Driveway thru the Gumtrees

The home is supported on a perimeter concrete strip footing and stumps internally. The high Timbercrete plinth provides additional elevation. The large timber decks on the upper and lower levels allow spacious outdoor living. The upper east deck and porch roof supported by timber posts is an interesting contrast to the cantilevered upper north deck with no covering – the east for protection from the summer sun and the north to maximise the value and warmth of the winter sun.

Early morning sun on the East side
View of the North side

The garage is detached from the house and has 10 solar panels for supplying power to the home and the grid. The hot water system is also solar powered with electricity backup. The sandstone style external walls give a sense of strength and stability - the colorbond roof is attractive and beautifully highlights the Vedic Kalash which was installed with precision by Derbyshire, the builders – great work.

Vedic Kalash looking East

The ground floor accommodates the bedrooms, ensuite, meditation room, multi-purpose room, bathroom and laundry and the L shaped timber staircase from the entry to the upstairs living area. The inside corner of the stairs marks the edge of the Brahmasthan area and the void above ensures it is a focal point on both levels.

Stairs and Void

The upper level is a wonderful open space for the living, dining and kitchen area. There is also a separate study and powder room. The large double glass doors on the north and the east together with the abundance of windows allows sunlight to reach every part of the upper level.

North East - upstairs living room

The polished tongue and groove timber floors both up and downstairs give a natural and comforting feeling to the home. The light and airy kitchen is also very functional.

Kitchen and Dining

We thank Yasmin and Cheryl for their photos and comments so soon after moving in – they still have many enjoyable tasks to complete including decorating the interior of the home and the big job of landscaping the significant area inside the Vastu fence and then maintaining the remainder of the 1 acre lot. They have achieved their dream of designing, constructing and moving into their Vastu home in a relatively short time despite some exceptionally wet weather last year. The comprehensive services of Derbyshire Builders together with their good communication and attention to detail also made the process easier. Yasmin and Cheryl have created a month by month gallery of photos of the building’s progress beginning with the land layout, the laying of the foundation stone and concrete footings, to pictures of wet and muddy driveways and overcast skies right through to the finished home shown above – a wonderful record with great memories for the future. If you would like to view the photo gallery please email Cheryl at (CA0602 at gmail dot com) or Mike and we can send you the links. For more information contact us Comments by Yasmin and Cheryl: “We have had the pleasure of moving into our Vastu home. Throughout this design/build process, Mike has led us down the path of least resistance; helping us with our design, talking to our draftsmen, giving us direction and knowledge. Now that we are living in Vastu, Mike has asked for our thoughts and experience.We have read with interest the other Vastu articles sent out by Mike. Each writer expressed similar experiences of peacefulness, serenity, and a wonderful settled vibe. Many have described their experiences with their builder as crucial to accomplishing this task.And we wholeheartedly agree. In fact, the house is a joy to live in. It is peaceful. It is serene. The vibe is a beautiful constant hum. Our meditations are full of liveliness and awareness. There is nothing more to add.It is a very personal experience entering a Sthapatya Veda home. Our friends say they feel very relaxed and happy to be in the house and wish to come back. Some Sidha friends felt great after their program here as well. We love the fact that everyone who enters our home has had a pleasant experience.We also want to say to anyone thinking of starting the process of designing and building a Vastu home; take your time in the design phase – get everything settled and correct – and pick an organized, communicative builder. Then, don't hesitate. Let it unfold. Let the house build itself.”

Congratulations Yasmin and Cheryl on a superb achievement.