Living in Vastu

“We have felt a deep silence and sense of full consciousness in the buildings.
We feel our sleep and meditations are consistently deeper and profound.
And we are extremely happy to be here.”

R & V Aldous, Melbourne.

"Since we moved into our Vedic house we have experienced more fulfillment in most areas of life — more energy, better health, more of the quality of inner peace and bliss, as well as more strength. Our practice of meditation in the house has become very powerful. And, the different activities in the house have been more successful now that they are conducted in the right place, e.g., our sleep is more sound, the food is more delicious, etc."

“I have been in my home for one year now. The reality of living in a Fortune-Creating home is so much more than I had ever considered. It has so far exceeded my expectations that I can’t really find the right words to express it. From the moment I moved into my house, my good fortune increased. Not doubled, not quadrupled, but much greater than that. I have to adjust to the reality that my desires get fulfilled very quickly now. In many instances, I barely have identified the desire before it is fulfilled. The gap between having the desire and the fulfilment of the desire has shrunk to almost nothing. Things that used to be difficult to organize now organize themselves with virtually no effort on my part.

During the first year in my house, there has been such abundance in my life that I haven’t had to decide between fulfilling one desire and fulfilling another desire. Nature has become so bountiful that I can move forward on all levels, leaving behind the smallness of either–or thinking.

There is a precious feeling that develops between the Fortune-Creating house and the owner of the house. My experience is that my home is a totally safe, secure refuge, a sanctuary of purity and stillness and happiness. I feel that my house protects me, not only when I am in it, but even when I am away from it. When I am not at home, I carry my house in my heart, and somehow, I feel like my house has me in its heart. I feel nourished by my house, supported by my house, cared for by my house. Also, I find that doing things for my house brings happiness — simple household chores become fun and fulfilling activities because it is for my house.”

“We have a girl and a boy, aged 14 and 13. In personalities they are different in the extreme; one independent, resilient and strong minded - and the other sensitive, reserved and reaches for parental support when outside a comfort zone.

Before moving to Vastu, their relationship had been defined by competition, arguments and intolerance, possibly due to their closeness in age.

But since we moved into our Vastu home, the relationship has steadfastly improved, and each of them has grown and learned as a direct result of the other in their lives.

The softness and innocence of their hearts, even as they move into their teenage years, still moves us as parents. We love that we, as their parents, have a secure relationship with them.

We also notice and are thankful that our children's friends seem keen to stay at our place for weekend sleep-overs. Until recently, ours was the only house one parent would allow their daughter to go overnight.

Vastu homes are wonderful for everyone but families especially.”

"Being happy was the very first thing I noticed about living in our house. It is hard to describe being really happy for the first time since being a child, but that is the main experience from living in a Maharishi Vastu home that I appreciate the most.

My husband was able to secure the best job of his career since moving in here, and he directly credits the house for this help.

My health has improved greatly, and my life, as a whole, is in a much more evolutionary direction now. The house seems to get me up on time and helps me get to bed on time at night.

I also feel very protected and safe in this house. If some storm is raging outside, I somehow feel that all is well as long as I am in our house.

I cannot say enough good things about living in a Maharishi Vastu home. I tell everyone who asks me that it is worth every penny, it is worth the extra effort to get into a Fortune-Creating home, and they should do everything in their power to do so."