Maharishi on Vastu

Excerpts from Maharishi’s talk of 17 May 2007: 

“We cannot describe what is indescribable — and what is indescribable is the benefit of Vastu structured buildings — Sthapatya Veda buildings. I am living in the Sthapatya Veda building, and what I feel is, that the walls of the house — they don’t produce a cage for me. I don’t feel that I am living inside the walls. The walls are as transparent, as is the meaning of cosmic living — cosmic living — you don’t feel that you are cramped by the walls. I have been, all my life — fifty, forty years living wherever I went, living with whomsoever kept me as his guest and all…and always I was feeling, I am caged within these walls.

And ever since they gave me this house to live in, I’m not feeling restricted. This is cosmic living. I am living within the walls, but the walls are transparent for me. That is the experience. I am very afraid to go to any other house. I never feel to go, because I will be caged in. Such freedom, such abundance, such enormous mastery over space and time is reality of living in cosmic magnitude. This is living in Vastu building. 

Sthapatya Veda is that section of the Constitution of the Universe — Veda is the Constitution of the Universe, and Sthapatya Veda is the law of stabilizing, the law that stabilizes individuality in terms of his cosmic status. It is such a thing, it’s beyond speech. Therefore, a new world will be lived in by the same people, and what they will be? They will never be sick, they will never be shrouded with small things, there will be peace unbounded, prosperity unlimited, coherence unimaginable. 

This is Vastu living. Living in Vastu — it’s a very great gift.…I have the experience of all these eighty, ninety years of life, living in all these wrong places. But somehow through the grace of Guru Dev, I never jolted from my purpose of life. The purpose of life was to be fully enlightened. So, that was inside, that remains, that was very strong. And I was not living permanently one place — one month here, one week here — but ever since I came to this house, the house never left me. Because, it is the same thing, if one begins to live one’s cosmic status, one cannot leave oneself, one cannot stoop down to individual status. 

So Vastu house is an aspect of the knowledge of Total Natural Law. It is promoted by the Constitution of the Universe. It is promoted by the Will of God, who is responsible for creation. Time of speaking is over. I would only say: ‘The taste of pudding is in eating. All lifelong I have the experience, those who heard and followed the words, they are better off today, and they will be better off the whole of their life. We have no other interest, except we want to see the people healthy, happy, and prosperous. I want to see every nation invincible, and I’m going to make it. I’m going to make every nation invincible.” 

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

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