The Vedic texts report that living in Vastu homes leads to the following positive effects:

  • Good health, wealth and happiness for everyone.
  • Increased good fortune, good reputation.
  • Prosperity and abundance.
  • Stable peace of mind and well being
  • Increased creativity and success
  • Harmonious relations and great comfort
  • Coherent thinking and decision making
  • No problems in private and professional life
  • Support of nature in all areas of life and daily living
  • Fulfilment of all desires
  • Victory over adversaries
  • Longevity and fulfillment

In addition to the qualities above people who live and work in Maharishi Vastu find that they:

  • Think more clearly and creatively
  • Make better decisions
  • Feel happier and healthier
  • Feel more alert and refreshed throughout the day
  • Enjoy more restful and refreshing sleep
  • Enjoy more energy and less fatigue
  • Experience less stress and greater peace of mind
  • Feel protected by their home

According to Maharishi Vastu houses and offices not built in accord with Natural Law can create problems:

  • Anxiety, depression
  • Illness, chronic disease
  • Blocks to creativity
  • Bad luck, financial loss
  • Obstacles to progress and success
  • Disharmony in relationships, breakdown of family
  • Anti-social behaviour and even criminal tendency

The negative effects of inauspiciously built houses include:

  • Accidents and sudden death
  • Destruction of the family, great misfortune
  • Anxiety and constant fear
  • Calamities and mental afflictions
  • Enmity and quarrel, criminal tendencies
  • Weakness, ill-health, chronic diseases
  • Lack of creativity, dullness, constant fatigue
  • Lack of money, financial loss, no success whatever one tries
  • Mental restlessness, no peace of mind