March 2017 update on Maharishi Vastu in Australia

This is an update on the changes in the past year;

  • in the Australian Maharishi Vastu Consultation Service and
  • Maharishi Vastu homes completed, under construction and in the earlier stages of Consultations such as Site Selection.

In Honour of Mike Lyons

Mike Lyons

Many of you already know that our dear friend and much loved, admired and respected colleague, Mike Lyons, passed away peacefully in March 2016.  

Mike Lyons was the champion of Maharishi Sthapatya Ved in Australia, and spent many years of dedicated work to bring this precious knowledge to our country. He was devoted to Maharishi's knowledge, and both an exponent of knowledge and one of those rare people who actualizes knowledge, as witnessed in the beautiful Vastu buildings in Australia, both homes and the 3 Vastu buildings at the Maharishi School in Melbourne, and also in his vision for a school complex in Merimbula for which Mike successfully gained development approval.

Mike will be sadly missed by all of us. A tribute page has been set up at and everyone is invited to leave a personal tribute to Mike. This is our memorial to our dear friend and colleague. 

Jai Guru Dev

Peter Fenwick and Tim Carr for MGANL

Maharishi Vastu Consultation Service, Australia, expanded team

In early 2016 Mike organised for the handover of the Maharishi Vastu Consultation service in Australia to Meredith Lyons, Vastu Co-Ordinator and Director of the Maharishi Vastu Consultation Service, Australia  and Susanna McCan, Maharishi Vastu Consultant.

Subsequently another two Maharishi Vastu Consultants, David and Betsy Kettle also joined the team.

You can read more at About Us

Maharishi Vastu Homes Update 

Following is a pictorial update of some of the main Maharishi Vastu projects finished, or in progress around Australia

Maharishi Vastu Homes completed 

Hastings, Victoria.

View from the East

This Chatursshala home is on 2 scenic acres in a semi rural area of the Mornington Peninsula, uphill from the town of Hastings.  

The house has a central courtyard with generous wooden deck style seating and a Japanese inspired garden.

The roof is adorned with four 24ct gold gilt Kalashes.

View from the North East

2 storey masonry home in Sydney – full article coming soon

The house awaiting final touches such as painting of some exterior trims.

 “We recently moved into our new Vastu home….. the home that Mike played a huge part in. He was with us every step of the way. Every measurement, every question , every single detail always explained with unmeasurable patience : that Mike always gave. His dedication to his belief and his way of life are an absolute testimony to the person he is. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support but more importantly for your friendship over the years. You will always be in our hearts Mike and a part of you lives in our beautiful home. You always had time for us, thank you”

Jai Guru Dev, Chris and Barb Thomasz
Beautiful natural views to the East and North

Homes under Construction

Large single storey home with central light well – Perth.

Monumental Vastu home taking shape

Trevor Anton and his wife Gail are owner building this large family home  in a rural suburb on the outskirts of Perth.

House and Garage
The roof and central light well under construction

2 homes, East Malvern, Melbourne.

This home has a central light well and spacious art studio and gallery upstairs.

 Richard and Veronica Aldous are building two Maharishi Vastu homes. The two storey home is for themselves, and the single storey home will be rented out.

European crafted log home with views of the Pacific Ocean – South Coast of NSW

The footings of this beautiful home are under construction on site, whilst the all timber log home is under construction in Europe.
The logs will be packed and shipped to Australia, and assembled on site.
The logs are crafted to interlock, minimising the need for nails.

The upper storey of this home is a large art studio and gallery for the owner.

The home will have expansive views of the nearby Pacific Ocean to the east.

Consultations in early stages

Here are just a few;

Beautiful Site secured for a Family Home on 5 acres – The Sunshine Coast

Other Consultations

Various clients are currently looking for ideal sites for their own Maharishi Vastu homes in;

  • Sydney
  • North of Melbourne
  • A quaint village in the High Country of Victoria, which has been classified by the National Trust
  • A town on the banks of the Murray River, South Australia

 You can read more about Maharishi Vastu Consultations or How to Build a Maharishi Vastu Home 

Meredith Lyons,

Director of the Maharishi Vastu Consultation Service, Australia.