For their second Vastu Home, family chooses contemporary sophistication.

 Article written by the owner

This Western Australian house seeks to combine contemporary architecture with the benefits of Maharishi Vastu Architecture. It is also designed to be open to the external environment and to take advantage of its coastal location. The building was constructed on a strong skeleton frame and in filled with panels that are composed of cement, polystyrene and resin. The panels  were manufactured in India and used on the external and internal walls and the roof. The slab for the kitchen/dining area uses carbon fibres in place of re-bar. The pattern on the glass windows beside and above the front doors was created from photos of the actual carvings at Angkor Wat.

Front Entry - Glass Pattern derived from Angkor Wat in Cambodia

The house is on a corner with its long axis running North-South. The main entrance is on the East side and there is an entry on the North. The basement level can be accessed from a lane way on the north side for car parking. In addition to parking, the basement has a bathroom (which is accessible from the pool area), a laundry, gym and storage rooms. Above the basement level there are two internal floors. The roof area is accessed via stairs and an electrically operated hatch.  

View from the East 

The roof, which overlooks the ocean, is flat and designed as a patio, garden and service area (air-conditioning, solar panels etc). There will be a garden of trees, shrubs, other plantings and vegetables in a green house.

The Future Roof Garden

The first floor is the main living area, with a kitchen and dining room, family room, study and powder room.

Looking North from the Dining Room to the Courtyard and Family Room and beyond to the pool

The four bedrooms are on the second floor along with a formal lounge room and two bathrooms.  

Looking South across the Bridge to the Lounge Room

The sliding doors on the South side of the second floor can be opened to take advantage of the ocean views and sea breeze. There is a glass railing for safety. The external blinds can be lowered to cover the entire wall and adjusted to allow the desired amount of  light to enter.

Glass sliding doors and external blinds on the south

There is a central courtyard and rear deck around the swimming pool. The three floors are connected by a lift.

Looking Down on the Enclosed Courtyard from the Top Floor

“The house has a wonderful openness. You can look from the front lawn and see all the way through to the rear deck. The external blinds allow light control and access to beautiful views. This is our second Vastu home and we are certainly privileged to live in such a lovely environment.”

 Owner's comment:

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