TM Teachers’ strong desire for Vedic Living

John and Linda Cogger, both TM Teachers, commenced their Maharishi Sthapatya Veda Consultation in 2006, however it was not until 2008 that they decided to look for land in the Maleny community in the hinterland behind the well known Sunshine Coast, Queensland. They had a strong desire to move from the busy city life of Sydney to a relaxed, idyllic, calm life in Maleny. The 1500m² lot chosen has ideal Vastu features with a delightfully elevated view to the East and the morning sunrise.

The vacant lot before building

The home sits comfortably within the Vastu fence and is elongated North South to gain maximum nourishment from the sun – early morning sunrise to the East, low Northern sun in the winter with the hot summer sun going over the centre of the building and a relaxing view across farmland to the setting sun in the West. They have a deck on the North to enjoy the winter sun which is balanced by a sunroom on the south side providing views to the East, South and West.

View towards the East from the front door

John and Linda both had clear ideas on the type of house they wanted and Linda sent several beautiful pictures of homes from magazines for inspiration. They also wished to have a unique internal layout with an emphasis on traditional Vedic concepts regarding the use of rooms.

Front porch, plinth and east side of house

The home has three bedrooms, kitchen with walk in pantry, dining room, lounge, sunroom, two bathrooms, two meditation rooms, a study and laundry. The East entry area has a good sized porch with a recessed space leading to the front double doors which allow light into the home.
The home has a solar hot water system and a wood burning heater. Solar panels for power generation will be installed at a later time.

Recessed entry leading to front double doors

Light flows through the front doors across the Brahmasthan and lounge area and then through a large full width Western window.

Morning sun streaming into kitchen/dining area

Full width windows on the West

Similarly, light flows uninterrupted both North and South through the North door and internal Northern passageway over the Brahmasthan and along the short Southern passageway to the sunroom projection which also has full width windows.

Southern passageway to sunroom

The whole house has expansive windows to give the feeling of well being and connectedness to the nourishing views and nature’s beauty. They also provide the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of the sun as it moves across the sky during the day. A truly enlivening and uplifting experience. The house sits proudly in an elevated position on the lot displaying the Vedic Kalash as the crowning ornament and has a solid timber Vastu fence to protect it.

Elevated view of the house and Vastu fence

John and Linda were fortunate to have a builder who had been involved in constructing another Vastu home in Maleny and with this experience the builder was aware that it was necessary to provide personal attention and accuracy to all aspects of the construction process. This builder is currently constructing another Vastu home in Maleny. The double garage which is outside the Vastu is lower than the house so as to be unobtrusive. Linda is now living in the new home which was recently inaugurated. John will be able to spend all his time living in Vastu when he finishes his teaching job in Sydney at the end of the year rather than just weekends and holidays.

John and Linda mentioned that a big wish for the future is -
"What we are really looking forward to is greater nature support and deeper and more profound meditations. We want friends and family, including our extended Sidha and Governor family, to come and visit."

They are also looking forward to having the time to focus on gardening and landscaping together with the many other tasks that new homeowners enjoy doing after moving in.

Linda lighting the light at the Home Inauguration


The actual building of the house was very smooth. The house was completely built on site and it was a great joy to watch it grow and become our Vastu home. Our Vastu home would not have happened without all the expert advice and encouragement from Mike Lyons. He made himself available at any time and we greatly appreciate the huge effort he put into getting our house built. Also we were very fortunate to find a fantastic builder who really took on the Vastu concept. Dan was totally on board with the need to be exact and accurate with the measurements and orientation. We were in constant communication with him. He once said "Trust me John , I'm sweating on getting this right" and he did. We feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to build our own Vastu home. We offer our utmost gratitude to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for providing the knowledge that allowed it to happen. Linda has said many times "I feel like I'm in Heaven".

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"You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true."


"Whatever we want to become we become, whatever we desire, we have it."